Ciaran Brady of Ciaran Brady Insurances with staff Kitty Cullen and Marion Gaffney.

John Brady Insurance brokers looking after your best interests

A local insurance broker has said there has been a 36% increase in road traffic accidents in just a week as Covid restrictions eased and the country begins to open up again.

Ciaran Brady of John Brady Insurances Ltd made the claim when interviewed on Wednesday last, June 2.

“People should take heed and be careful,” he advised.

“The more traffic that’s on the road, the more likely someone’s going to make a mistake,” added Ciaran.

The company re-opened its office to the public three weeks ago now and Ciaran is pleased to report business is “actually booming”.

“We are inundated with enquiries for business re-opening and new starts.

“It’s great to see,” he told the Celt.

Ciaran reported that a lot of businesses such a hairdressers and pubs did not take out insurance when their various policies came up for renewal.

He said that many companies took 25-30% of fleet vehicles off the road as they were not in use. He is delighted to see returning customers and some fresh faces, such tradesmen and farmers.

“A lot of them seem to be coming back on board, which is good.

“I honestly believe we have bounced back fairly quick,” he remarked.

Ciaran explained that the business community is “very innovative” and will “keep fighting”.

He mentioned several examples of “little businesses growing and growing” as the years progress within the wider Ballinagh/Mullahoran area.

Ciaran advised businesses returning to work to keep their overhead costs down and to have an efficient team working around them.

“That’s the secret now... There’s a lot of people fighting for the same share of the market that you are,” he reminded.

He said that it “pays to shop around” when looking for insurance but, being an insurance broker, John Brady Insurances Ltd can access 24 different companies with just one phone call.

He also said, if an accident or reason to claim does occur, a broker can advise in “your best interests” and assist with the claim process .

“We know the industry and we know what your needs are.

“Instead of making 24 phone calls you can make one.”