The Workshop where Bernie Sexton carries out repairs and alterations on garments and caters for all sewing needs also sells bespoke items such as cushions, tea cosies and quilts.

The Workshop has moved!

You’re definitely in Cavan when you hear a conversation in which the business owner is urging the customer to take their change, while the customer refuses.

This is exactly what theCeltencountered upon stepping into The Workshop, which provides a sewing service and craft goods to the local community.

“You’re an awful divil,” exclaimed owner Bernie Sexton as her customer happily trotted out the door.

“Have a great day and send me a picture!” she called after them.

Clearly delighted to see her customers again, Bernie is thrilled to open the doors of her new bright, airy and modern premises.

“There was an opportunity, the shop that I am in now became available... I said either I take it or somebody else does.

“I just jumped and done it and I’m delighted now because it’s a much nicer place to work.”

Bernie has been in business for just over four years in Ballinagh and has loved every second of it.

“It was great it took off from day one. It was a small business but I was always busy and always well supported locally.”

She mends any type of clothing from wedding gowns to overalls, stating that she will absolutely cater for last minute “emergencies” that can arise. She also crafts products such as face coverings, tea cosies, hats, blankets, baby and children’s clothing.

“I love the variety of work,” Bernie commented.

“There’s good satisfaction in being able to make someone feel good in something. I enjoy that.”

Like many during lockdown, Bernie transported her machines home and used the spare time to craft items for the shop.

“I’m delighted to see the door open again and everybody is commenting on the new variety of stuff that is available here.”

Despite Bernie’s positivity, the pandemic has hit her business what with communions, debs and other special occasions being cancelled or postponed. However, she now finds that people are coming in with several items that have been “stockpiled on the back seat of the car”.

Bernie ran sewing and knitting classes at her shop and in community centres during pre-covid times and hopes that she can resume her classes shortly.

“It’s an advantage to be able to pick up the machine and do something with it,” she commented.

Bernie emphasised that she is “very grateful” for the local community who have supported her throughout the pandemic and continue to support her as she re-opens.

“It’s a small town I say that regularly, I understand I’m not on Grafton Street but I’m busy all the time and that’s a lovely way to be.”

“I have people who come with a mug of coffee, and they are more than welcome!”