Local Rep seeks support for new Land Bill

With land prices contributing to housing costs, local Labour Party representative Liam van der Spek is calling on the government to take on board a new Bill that would help to tackle speculation and hoarding.

Labour’s new Land Bill, due for debate in the Dáil on Wednesday, would give local authorities the power to CPO development land at its existing use value plus 25%.

The Land Bill would enact key recommendation of 1973 ‘Kenny Report’ that Mr van der Spek says the country's main parties have blocked for decades. “This land Bill is not a silver bullet though, and we also need the government to adopt other measures including a ‘use it or lose it’ provision on planning permissions and ensure the derelict sites levy is enforced.”

If supported, Mr van der Spek says it would be a legislative “step in the right direction” sending a “clear signal to land hoarders and speculators” that they need to move now to build housing on the sites, which they have acquired.