Anthony McGurren, Proprietor of McGurren’s Butchers on the Diamond in Belturbet showcasing his magnificent new Himalayan Salt machine.

Sizzlers at McGurren’s

Outdoor dining in Belturbet is generating a lively atmosphere in the Erneside town, according to a local butcher.

Anthony McGurren is the proprietor of McGurren's Butcher Shop on the Diamond in Belturbet.

"People are meeting others who they have not seen for ages, which is absolutely fantastic. The county council are doing a lot of good work to help out businesses, which is most encouraging. All in all, hopefully the future is more positive that the past 15 months and we look forward to a very busy summer," he said.

When you visit McGurren's Butchers for top quality meat cuts, you are sure to catch a glimpse of their magnificent new Himalayan Salt machine.

"We can hang beef in it for two or three months and we already have orders from people who want their beef to hang in it for that duration," explained Anthony.

"It draws the moisture from the beef and it puts a dark crust around the outside of the beef and consequently the beef on the inside is absolutely fantastic. All the flavour is locked in – it is a totally different product than a piece of meat being wet aged in a bag," he revealed of the process.

"We have had a serious interest in the meat coming out of this machine and people are travelling from all over the region for the meat," added Anthony of the demand for the new product.

"The feedback is brilliant and people say the flavour and quality of the beef is something they have never tasted before. I am the only butcher in County Cavan with this machine. It is an expensive machine but it is worth the cost. It brings more people into the shop and creates a talking point at the counter," he remarked.

Anthony is wishing business owners in the town the best of luck as they continue to reopen their doors.

"We were lucky to be one of the businesses that were open from the outset of the lockown. It has been a roller coaster ride over the last 15 months," added Anthony.

"We helped people out during the pandemic. We dropped stuff in the boots of people’s cars. We put a second phone in place here for people texting in orders. It was very busy and it was very challenging. Thankfully we came through it and none of us caught the Covid... We had a few scares along the way, but it all worked out well," he enthused.