Raymond Quinn on his retirement from Maudabawn Co Op.

'Happy as Larry' in Maudabawn Co Op

By Gemma Good

When Raymond Quinn started a six-month trial in Maudabawn Co Op in 1983, he never envisaged the job would bring him almost four decades of craic and banter.

He retired last Saturday 37 and a half years later and was wished well by staff and customers in his retirement.

Raymond began by working in the hardware department “filling diesel, petrol and putting plumbing fittings together".

In 1986, he was moved “out on the platform” where he was taking in milk.

He began working in the meal store in 1992.

“I was there until I left last Saturday,” he said, reporting that he was “as happy as Larry".

A hard worker, Raymond rarely took holidays and technically speaking, he won’t formally retire until August.

“I’m not 65 until the last day of August,” he explained.

“I had six weeks of holidays to get so I left in the middle of July.”.

Reflecting back on his years in Maudabawn, Raymond said he “enjoyed the craic".

“I was dealing with the public so it was something different every day.”

He said he will miss this element of working in the Co Op and also the “bit of banter about football".

He plans to have a working retirement with “bits of jobs to do around the house”.

“I like to do a bit of gardening,” he said, explaining he hopes to put up a polytunnel so he can grow his own produce.

Raymond is also delighted to be able to help bring his grandchildren to and from school.

“I’ll be kept busy, that's not annoying me at all.

“I’ll have plenty to do.”

Raymond thoroughly enjoyed his time working with everyone in the Maudabawn Co Op and thanked them for making his time there so memorable.

“I was working for a great manager and I got on very well with the rest of the staff.

“I’m there 37 and a half years and, only I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t have stayed there,” he concluded.