The staff of Mana Coffeehouse and Eatery enjoying the heatwave in Rossnowlagh

Cafe staff seas the day

HEATWAVE Cafe closes shop for the day and hits Donegal beach

Gemma Good

Instead of working in the sweltering heat of a status orange warning, the staff of a popular Cavan cafe spent today working on their tans.

Cafe Mana's owner Eilish Tuipulotu could possibly be Ireland's best loved boss after she shut up shop and whisked her entire staff off to the Donegal coast.

The Mana Coffee House and Eatery team were feeling a little too tide down with the heatwave.

“We just decided that it was too hot in Cavan and the girls have been working very hard for the last couple of weeks,” beamed owner Eilish, explaining they “deserved a day off.”

When asked how the staff reacted to the news, the Celt heard screams of joy down the line all the way from the stunning Rossnowlagh coast line.

The waiting staff were having fun in the sun.

“There’s a few in the sea kayaking, a few body surfing, paddle boarding and a few sunbathing,” Eilish explained.

The beach is bustling with people soaking up the salty sea air.

“It’s pretty busy now I have to say, we have a lovely area and we’re having a lot of fun.”

The team certainly recommends taking a day off, getting out and enjoying the sunshine.

“Is it good for the staff morale?” Eilish shouted down to her staff in the sea.

“It’s a day to recharge,” staff member Sarah Mooney called back.

“We will stay!” shouted another member.

“They say they're not going back [to work] until next week but actually they will be back in the swing of it tomorrow.

“They’ll be very happy, a little bit sunburnt, but very happy,” Eilish enthused.