Gallonray House in Maudabawn continues to provide lunches to the medically vulnerable and over 70s. From left: Aidan McCabe, chairman, Gallonray House; Patrick and Geraldine Shalvey, John Reilly, Helen O’Brien and Aiden Fitzpatrick, Cavan Country Produce, who provides the meals. PHOTO: ALEX COLEMAN

‘We’re only as good as the service we provide’

Gemma Good

Gallonray House in Maudabawn has been providing people with lunches throughout the pandemic and continue to do so.

They have been delivering food to the medically vulnerable and those who are over 70 years, in association with Cavan County Council and An Pobal.

Chairperson of Gallonray House Aidan McCabe is delighted to have been able to provide the service.

“Going back over many years, we have had a Wednesday social club,” he said, explaining many people gathered together to have their lunch. Once the covid hit, that wasn’t possible.”

He said many attendees “expressed their wish” to continue to have their lunch provided.

Responding to the needs of the community, Gallonray House teamed up with Aiden Fitzpatrick’s catering service, Cavan County Produce., to deliver hot meals to those in Maudabawn and surrounding areas.

“That has been happening since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Aidan.

Aidan reported it has “worked very well” to date, with no plans for the team to stop anytime soon.

“Some of these people are quite elderly and would feel vulnerable coming out so we’re happy to continue.”

He said people are always excited to see members of staff and volunteers arriving with a hot meal.

“They welcome you. They’re always on the watch and generally the door is opened and we leave the trolley at the front door.”

Even though the social club only took place on a Wednesday, meals were delivered “most days in the week".

Aidan explained Gallonray House was happy to play such an important role during the pandemic.

“We are a community group and our fundamental aim is to provide services for the local community. We’re only as good as the service we provide,” he said.

He thanked the staff and Gallonray House, Cavan Country Produce and all the volunteers who just “gave up their time” to get involved in the initiative.

“The community is about the people involved in it and, if there’s something useful we can do for them, that’s what we’re here to do,” he finished.