Deputy Pauline Tully (SF).

Theory test complaints

“Serious irregularities” at the Cavan Driver Theory Test Centre are being reported to a local TD.

Sinn Féin’s Pauline Tully claims a number of constituents have complained that the test centre was closed when they attended for their appointment, nobody was answering the phone and they did not receive any notification of the test being cancelled.

“They often have booked a day off work to attend the test and because they are not licensed to drive, they are either coming on public transport or someone from their family or a friend also has to book a day off work to drive them to the centre,” she said.

“They have to return home not having had their test or even having spoken to anyone from that service," continued Deputy Tully.

“There are also complaints from some of the adjacent businesses who are suffering the annoyance of regular interruptions of their work by Driver Theory clients who cannot get an answer at the door to the Driver Theory office," she further contended.

The TD has submitted a question to the Transport Minister seeking an explanation for these alleged incidences.

"I have also written to the Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority to let him know this is not an acceptable way to treat people and that it needs to be dealt with and rectified without delay,” concluded Deputy Tully.