'Do Not Consume' notice for Dernakesh water supply

The decision follows consultation with the Health Service Executive.

Cavan County Council has issued a do not consume notice starting with immediate effect to all consumers of water supplied by the Dernakesh Group Water Supply Scheme.

The local authority says the notice has been issued in the interests of protecting the health of all consumers attached to the local GWS.

The decision follows consultation with the Health Service Executive.

Samples from the scheme have resulted in elevated levels of Manganese being detected leaving the treatment plant and in the network. The drinking water quality is therefore considered to be “significant compromised” and an “immediate risk” to the public's health.

The council reminds that boiling water will not render it safe to drink, and are asking the public attached to the Dernakesh GWS to use an alternative safe source of water, e.g. bottled water, for drinking, preparing drinks made with water, cooking food, food preparation including washing and preparation of salads and similar foods, which are not cooked prior to eating, brushing of teeth and/or gargling, and making ice.

The council also say it is important to note that water from the hot tap of kitchen or bathroom sink is not safe to drink.

An alternative supply is being provided by Dernakesh Group Water Scheme from a tanker at Gallonray House H16X409. “Remember to boil this water before use.”

For further information, the public are being asked to contact Dernakesh Group Water Scheme on 087 787 0640.

Newbliss water scheme

It is the second local supply for which a do not consume notice has been issued after Monaghan County Council posted a similar warning in relation to the Newbliss Public Water Supply Scheme due to elevated levels of iron and manganese.

The notice applies to over 400 customers supplied by the Newbliss Public Water Supply Scheme.

Tankered water will be in place on Main Street, Newbliss to provide an alternative water supply to customers. Customers are reminded to use their own containers when taking water from the tanker and to boil water before consumption as a precautionary measure.

Speaking about the imposition of the notice, Peter Gallagher, Regional Operations Lead with Irish Water said “Irish Water is aware of the impact a Do Not Consume Notice is having on the community of Newbliss and would like to reassure impacted customers that Irish Water’s drinking water compliance and operational experts are working hard to lift the notice as quickly and as safely as possible. We would ask customers who have concerns to contact our customer care team on 1800 278 278.”