HamsandwicH in action at Slane.

Slane at 40: ‘It was a big moment to be the first band from the county to be asked to perform’

Performing at Slane Castle would have to be one of our greatest memories as a band,” recalls Niamh Farrell of HamsandwicH, the first Meath-based band to grace the stage at Slane, benefiting from Henry Mount Charles' new policy to give a local band a platform.

“That Bon Jovi stage back in 2013 was one of the biggest stages we had played at that point. It was so much craic hearing all our amps so loud in a massive field! Being mostly a Meath band it was a big moment to be the first band from the county to be asked to perform.

“On the day itself you really are aware of the acts that played there before you. All of the world’s biggest bands want to play there and you can see why. It has such a unique character as a venue.

“We were treated so well by Henry Mount Charles and the family too. They are huge music fans and I think they get a kick out of hosting Ireland’s biggest garden party! We ended up having dinner with them afterwards and danced the night away. Henry has done so much for live music in Ireland since putting the first Slane concert on 40 years ago. We have a lot of love and respect for him.”

One of the most enthralling live acts in recent times, HamsandwicH are well known for their incendiary live performances which has put them right at the top of the live acts to see today. With the combination of Niamh Farrell's powerful yet sweet vocal and Podge McNamee's juxstaposing baritone the band are given its signature calling card. If ever there was a band to feed off their audience it is HamsandwicH. Each show is bona fide celebration with everything from balloons and confetti to their unique crowd interaction on display.

The band is currently recording its fourth album as a follow up to the last LP which charted at Number 1, and will be touring Ireland this November/December to promote the new album.