Participants in a summer camp under the auspices of the Cavan 365 Programme.Young people who participated in the programme pictured outside of Cavan Garda Station together with Garda Christine Gallagher, Cavan Community Engagement Unit; Ashling Tobin, A Youth Justice Worker with Foroige; Garda Edel Gilliland, Cavan Juvenile Liaison Officer; Shauna Brady, Teaching Co-ordinator with the Alternative Learning Programme and Alanna Shannon, Co-ordinator of the School Completion Programme.

Cavan 365 Clubs Holds successful summer camp

The camp sought to support young people in preparing them for returning to school in September.

Fabulous artworks displayed outside Cavan Garda Station showcased the talents of local young people who participated in a recent summer camp. The camp sought to support young people in preparing them for returning to school in September.

Cavan 365 Club recently held the event, courtesy of assistance from a range of groups including Foróige, the 365 Project and the CMETB alternative learning programme and Schools Completion Programme.

The showcase at the garda station gave Garda Christine Gallagher from Cavan Community Engagement Unit an opportunity to fulfil a promise she had made during a visit with the 365 Club.

“While I was speaking to the young people, they indicated that they would like to have a tour of the Garda Station,” she enthused.

Her colleague, Garda Edel Gilliland, Cavan Juvenile Liason Officer joined Garda Gallagher to met up with the young people at the station, view the great artwork hear about the summer camp.

Ashling Tobin, a Youth Justice Worker with Foróige explained the Cavan 365 Project dealt with issues like transitioning from primary to secondary school, and offered constructive advice on achieving their aims at school. The programme also focussed on employment and education, confidence building, self esteem and family support work.

Ashling has been involved with the programme for the past 15 years and they are based in the Tullac Mongan Resource Centre.

“A lot the young people engaged in the programme are from the Travelling community and as part of the inclusion segment, young people from the settled community were included. They are all from Cavan Town and loved being involved and are already making plans for future programmes,” she said.

Shauna Brady, the Teaching Co-ordinator with Alternative Learning Programme told the Celt it gave her a chance to introduce herself and explain what they, and also learn about the participants’ lives.

“We learned about them and their culture and their backgrounds and what is expected of them now as young Travellers,” said Shauna Brady.

Alanna Shannon, Co-ordinator of the School Completion Programme informed the Celt that she works across five schools in the County, St Clare’s, St Felims’, Breifne College, St Mogue’s and St Michael’s in Cootehill.

“We work with children from Junior Infants upwards, to try and keep them in school as long as we can and try and get a formal education,” said Alanna Shannon, adding that they keep stressing the positives that education brings.