LATEST: What restrictions are lifting today?

The latest round of the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions takes place today.

The Government last week announced plans to continue to lift most of the remaining restrictions over the next two months.

Today, Monday September 6th, will see the lifting of a number of them.

Indoor events

Capacity in venues can increase to 60 per cent but only where all attendees are fully vaccination or immune from Covid.

There will be no change for venues where unvaccinated people or those who are not immune from Covid are attending an event.

Under current rules, audiences must be fully seated for any indoor, music, live entertainment or sporting events.

Outdoor events

Outdoor gatherings and events can take place at 75 per cent capacity, if all attendees are fully vaccinated or immune.

Capacity will be limited to 50 per cent where there is a mixed crowd attending. This is also subject to measures like the wearing of face masks and social distancing.


Live music is allowed at weddings from today and all restrictions on dancing have been lifted.

The number of guests permitted at a wedding will remain capped at 100 until October 22nd.

Religious events and ceremonies

Masses can go ahead with a capacity of 50 per cent. This is regardless of the vaccination status or immunity of those attending.

This also applies to ceremonies, including communions and confirmations.

Cinemas and theatres

Theatres and cinemas are limited to 60 per cent capacity if limited to people who are fully vaccinated or immune from Covid.

The limit of 50 people in a venue remains if the immunity status of attendees is mixed.

September 20th

The next easing of restrictions is expected on September 20th. On this date a phased return to the workplace will begin. Employers are being encouraged to engage with their employees on a return to work plan or a work from home strategy.

All restrictions on outdoor group activities will also be removed on that date.

Limits on the number of people attending certain indoor activities will also be increased.