Brexit Fund must be 'targeted' at border- MacManus MEP

The MEP was speaking after meeting with Director of the Northern and Western Regional Assembly, David Minton

Ireland’s share of approximately €1bn must be focused ‘on where Brexit has had and will have the biggest impact, specifically the border region’.

That's the opinion shared by Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus whilst welcoming the approval of the €5bn Brexit Adjustment Reserve this week by the European Parliament. The Midlands Northwest MEP was speaking following a meeting with the Director of the Northern and Western Regional Assembly, David Minton.

“This week the European Parliament agreed to the deal established with the Member States on the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, known as the Brexit Fund. Although the deal is not as good for Ireland as the original proposal it still represents an important act of solidarity,” said the Sligo-native.

“I will be working to ensure that the State’s share of the fund is spent in the border regions where Brexit has hit hardest. The lion’s share must be directed to helping workers and business decimated by Brexit along the border and agencies such as the Northern and Western Regional Assembly need to have a central role in this regard. I have long argued that this fund along with PEACE, structural funds, the EU’s Pandemic Recovery Fund of almost €1bn to Ireland alongside regional aid changes could form an important investment package for the border and Northwest region.”