'Black' John Maughan doc to be aired on national radio

The documentary will be aired on Newstalk at 9pm.

Newstalk will today repeat a radio documentary by the award-winning producer Kevin McCann titled 'White Gypsy Boy, Black Gypsy King' about the life of 'Black' John Maughan, a Traveller from Cavan Town.

The documentary will be aired later today, Saturday, September 25, at 9pm.

'White Gypsy Boy, Black Gypsy King' was first broadcast in 2008, and describes itself as the story of a 20th Century Irish traveller and a celebration of Ireland’s traveller culture, explore its heyday and pondering its current decline.

A native of Mayo, late John Maughan first moved to the Cavan-Monaghan region as a teenager with his father and grandfather, Tom, who had served in World War I with the Connaught Rangers.

Well known in particular his love for trading and training horses, Mr Maughan stayed in Cavan where he married wife Brigid (nee Mongan), also a native of Mayo.

Together, over the next 50 years, they reared their family of 15 children, seven boys and eight girls, as well as two grandchildren.

The couple count among their family 89 grandchildren, 140 great grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren.

Mr Maughan, passed away peacefully on March 16, 2015 at Cavan hospital following illness.