Dan Tim O'Sullivan with his wife Sheila and his Glangevlin Shepard’s staff.

Cavan stick drives sheep in London

Brian McHugh

A stick cut from a hedge in West Cavan was used to drive a herd of sheep across London Bridge on Sunday last.

Dan Tim O'Sullivan was awarded the Freedom of London and to mark the occasion he was allowed drive his sheep across the world-famous bridge.

To help him guide his herd across the busy bridge Dan needed a long and sturdy stick known as a shepherd’s staff – a difficult item to find in London.

Glangevlin man Owenie McKiernan came to his aid and after a search of his lands near his home at Curratavey he found the perfect stick growing in a hedge.

Owenie cut and cleaned up the five-foot long stick and carved Dan Tim’s name on it.

He was then faced with getting it to London in time for the event on Sunday.

Owenie said: “I checked out sending it by post and by courier but due to the length of the stick and the time constraints I was running into difficulties. But luckily I heard that a neighbour was going to London the next day and he was able to deliver it for me in time for Sunday.”

Dan Tim O'Sullivan, a native of Gleesk in Kerry, was awarded the accolade of Freedom of the City of London in recognition for his success as a businessman and his charitable works.

He set up the Danny Sullivan Group in the late 1980s, which now employs 1,500 people.

The sheep drive in central London is an opportunity afforded to him as part of the honour of being awarded the Freedom of the city.