Bank of Ireland is set to withdraw its 'hole in the wall' facilities.

Cootehill Credit Union to provide cash machine

The withdrawal of the last retail bank from the vibrant market town of Cootehill has left the public without an ATM machine after hours.

With Bank of Ireland having departed the retail landscape and pulling its ATM facilities, the local credit union has agreed to step in and provide a ‘hole in the wall’ facility.

The manager of the Cootehill CU, George Hamilton, confirmed to the Celt on Friday evening that it has reached agreement on a contract with Brinks, to provide an ATM in the front wall of the building at Market Street.

“This machine will service all bank, cash or debit cards and will ensure that there is access to an external ATM,” he said.

It is expected that the new service will be up and running within four weeks and the target date is November 8.

The service will be available at night time and at weekends.

Mr Hamilton described it as a “vote of confidence” by the credit union in the town and important for local businesses.

“If people can’t get their money out, they can’t spend it,” marked Mr Hamilton.

Secretary of Cootehill Chamber, Connie Whelan, described the move as “hugely positive” and praised the credit union and Mr Hamilton for stepping up and delivering the service. “The loss of the ATM to local businesses in the town would have been hugely detrimental to the life of the town,” she said.

The arrival of the ATM will come just in time for the festive spending period.

As of this month, BoI has also closed its branches in Arva and Kingscourt.