Online buyers warned over latest email scam

Scam usually targets businesses

Gardaí are warning businesses and online shoppers, especially in the run up to Christmas, over an email re-direct fraud.

Last week Monaghan Gardai received a report from a member of the public in relation to the alleged fraud.

The victim was purchasing a high end product and had electronically transferred a deposit to the seller. The purchaser then received an email purporting to be from the seller stating the bank account details had changed and to transfer the remainder of the purchase price into that different account.

“The unsuspecting purchaser transferred more funds only to discover he was the victim of a fraud and that his email had been hacked,” a garda spokesperson explained.

“This type of scam usually targets businesses but on this occasion a member of the public fell foul of the online criminals. Please be vigilant for this type of fraud and always contact the seller by phone on an accredited number to verify such an email.”