Beef Hotpot with Horseradish Mash

Recipe by Gearoid Lynch


This is a hearty autumnal comfort dish - popular with all the family.


(Serves 4–6)

2tbsp Olive Oil

1.5kg of stewing Beef

Five medium onions slice

Two carrots

Two celery sticks

100g plain white flour

500ml chicken stock or good beef stock

Three garlic cloves

Three sprigs of thyme

Three sprigs rosemary

Three bay leaves

Salt and pepper

For the Horseradish Mash

800g Flour potatoes like Maris Piper, peeled and evenly sliced

110ml cream

120g butter

20g flat leaf parsley

10g fresh horseradish grated or 1tsp horseradish sauce


Heat the oils in a large ovenproof casserole over a medium heat. Brown the meat in small batches and set aside. Add the onions, carrots and celery and cook until softened and lightly browned.

Lower the heat and return the meat and its juices to the casserole then stir in the flour. Add the stock, garlic, thyme, rosemary and bay leaves and seasoning. Bring to a simmer and then cover with a lid and transfer to the oven to cook for 3- 3.5 hours until the meat is tender.

Adjust seasoning to taste.

For the mash, boil the potatoes in salted water until they are cooked through and drain well. Warm the cream in a small pot or in the microwave. Mash the potatoes, adding the butter and cream a little at a time allowing the potatoes to absorb the liquid. Add the chopped parsley and horseradish at the end and mash until creamy.

To serve, ladle the beef stew into warmed shallow bowls and top with the creamy mash.


Gearoid Lynch is the proprietor of the award-winning Olde Post Inn in Cloverhill and regarded as one of the best ‘gluten free’ chefs in the country.