Mannok launches sustainability strategy for packaging

Strategy aligns with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals

Mannok has launched a new packaging products’ strategy, providing a roadmap to help achieve sustainability goals over the next five years.

The strategy aligns with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals and has three focused pillars of protection: protecting resources, protecting nature and protecting people.

Mannok is already committed to producing truly circular packaging products which are fully recyclable and produced using recycled raw materials. It’s a commitment has already led to industry leading innovation that has been recognised with multiple high-profile awards.

The next five years will see this ambition continue, with strategy highlight including a commitment to have zero landfill waste, a significant increase in recycled content in all PET products, and a move to only produce mono material MAP meat trays to eliminate non-recycled content.

General Manager of Mannok’s packaging division, said: “We are delighted to publish our five-year sustainability strategy, which has been several months in development and outlines our ambitious pathway for the next five years. Sustainability is now an integral part of our culture and we are proud of the progress we have already made in making our business more sustainable. In developing our strategy, we have carefully considered the meaning of 'Protecting What Matters' and have developed a challenging roadmap, focusing on the acceleration of our short-term sustainable development with meaningful contributions to achieve this.”

Only last month Mannok announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration, working with Ulster Wildlife, to become as positively carbon neutral as possible over the coming 25 years by restoring spent areas of industrial development and other land holdings as viable habitats.

The outcome is Mannok’s new Natural Assets Action Plans (NAAP), which couples as a mission statement to mitigate the company’s impact on the environment.

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