‘Rally gave the unfair impression the hospital was closing, it isn’t’ - English

Navan's A&E is not closing - that was the clear message from Minister Damien English, who said he didn't take part in Saturday's rally as its title was misleading.

“The campaign is talking about saving Navan hospital, It gives the unfair impression that it is closing.

“A lot of people asked me if the hospital is closing and it isn't.

“The A&E isn't closing. I am very clear about that.

“I have always supported the Save Navan Hospital campaign and I took part in that first meeting, but felt it was logical to approach the Minister for Health first.

“The Minister told me there would be no change at Our Lady's Hospital.

“It is wrong to say that it will close under the Small Hospital Framework document . I have checked with Minister Donnelly – the A&E isn't closing.

“I have always said I will protect Navan Hospital. The hospital is a fabulous asset,” he said.

Meanwhile, at Saturday's rally, chair of Navan Hospital Campaign, Peadar Toibin said he had three questions for the politicians and he wanted them to answer them clearly.

“Will they commit themselves and their party to stop the closure of Navan A&E and ICU?

“Will they commit themselves and their party to the proper investment and resourcing in our A&E to make it strong and safe.

“And finally and most importantly will they commit themselves and their party to deleting all references to the downgrading of Navan Hospital, our A&E and the ICU from all HSE and government policy documents.”

He urged the public to listen very carefully to how these questions are answered.

“Their answers or non-answers will be published on the Save Navan Hospital Campaign Facebook page in the coming days,” he said.

“That HSE plan is dangerously out of date. All references to the closure of services at Navan must be deleted. The measures of the success of failure of each elected representative in Meath is the achievement of that goal,” he said.