Stephanie Rahill who set up Nomad coffee with her partner David O’Gorman.

A galloping success!

It’s almost a surprise now to find a horse and not a coffee shop in a horsebox. When Stephanie Rahill and her partner David O’Gorman first set-up the Nomad mobile coffee shop back in May, they did so with bigger ambitions to hurdle.

Inspired by the likes Avoca, the canny Bailieborough couple are keeping an eye out for a premises to open a more permanent establishment.

The setting up of their horsebox has been the realisation of a life-long ambition of add flavour to their foodie aspirations.

“The two of us have always wanted to own our coffee shop business and we seen the trailer as a gateway to achieving that,” explains Stephanie. “First and foremost we wanted to see if the market was there for a high-end coffee offering in the Bailieborough area.”

For the record - there is!

The last few months have seen Stephanie, David and their dog Tim, haul their Nomad coffee trailer at weekends between their main pitch at the Bailieborough Shamrocks’ GAA ground, to various other local events in and around east Cavan.

“It wasn’t something we envisioned starting up, those little side events, but it means that when we do finally find a suitable premises to set-up there is always the opportunity then to continue with the trailer as well. It has been great to be able to support events and the community in the way we have been able to.”

Almost 85 years old, the sturdy Rice horsebox was lovingly restored with the assistance of Stephanie’s dad Peter of Peter Rahill Engineering who helped transform it from “just a shell to what it is today”.

Key to Nomad’s success is their coffee. Stephanie and David have teamed up with Dunboyne-based distributor, Coffee Perfection. The business, run by Sean McEnroe and James Hood, is renowned for passion to deliver quality and sustainable coffees.

Stephanie and David matched their high quality coffee offering with some of the best baked goods around - supplied by Virginia’s Backyard Bakery.

“That has always been the blueprint for this business. High quality food and coffee, sourced locally. We’re not looking to have a massive menu.”

For now, and still small scale, Nomad in mobile form will keep the show on the road.

Stephanie and David are hugely thankful for all the support they have received to date. Along with their usual fare, Nomad will be selling Coffee Perfection in the run-up to Christmas.

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