Peter Byrne with Cllr Sarah O’Reilly (Aontú).

‘Look For Local’ plea– Cllr

Speaking in Bailieborough and holding a big green ‘look for local’ sign, Aontú Cllr Sarah O’Reilly is urging people to shop local this year.

“Purchasing of gift vouchers locally will help cash flow and keep the local economy above the water,” said the Aontú representative who is encouraging people to shop locally and also consider purchasing gift vouchers from local businesses as presents for all occasions.

“There has rightly been a lot of focus this year on the need to shop locally so as to re-inject capital into the local economy. What I’ve been doing on top of this is purchasing gift vouchers in local pubs, restaurants, shops, leisure centres and hardware stores, in an effort to give our local economy a quick and sharp boost as we try to keep our local businesses above the water,” Cllr O’Reilly said.

“If there is an upcoming birthday, or an anniversary, or maybe it’s an event still some months down the line, the purchasing of gift vouchers now, instead of putting cash in a card, is a really good way of bailing out our neighbours, encouraging employment and cash flow within our communities,” she added.

“Over the years we turned to local businesses for sponsorship of local charity and team events, now, it is our turn to support them.”

Cllr O’Reilly says it has been “great” to watch the reopening of society and the economy and welcomes the flourish of activity back into towns and villages. But she reminds that so many of local businesses and local economies are still under serious financial pressure following, in her view, “disproportionate, blanket measures from government”.

Serving as Cathaoirleach of Cavan County Council, guiding as the county’s first citizen during one of the toughest periods in history, Cllr O’Reilly adds: “Collectively we must try boost our local economies and businesses, by choosing family-owned local shops over the likes of Amazon. When purchasing gifts remember, your gift means more when it’s supporting local jobs and the local economy. I would encourage people, where you can, do your best to shop, eat and drink locally and where you have a choice, buy Irish. Your local economy deserves support and now is the time to show what it really means to be all in this together.”

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