‘So much more than framing’

“We’ve framed everything from a supermarket token coin to a saddle and everything in between” says Anne Godwin of Virginia Framing and Little Craft Room.

There’s no end to what can be framed at the well-known local business: “We’ve even done a Pope’s hat,” laughs Anne.

After a recent move from Virginia Shopping Centre to a wooden cabin by Anne’s home in Murmod, there’s still the same wide range of pictures, crafts and other wares on offer.

Set up in 2007 as a framing business, Anne expanded into crafts and also offers items crafted under the Buttony Things brand run by her daughter Clare, who co-owns the business.

“We’re so much more than just framing,” says Anne. “We have a very good selection of mouldings to choose from, we have handmade crafts and personalised art. We have gift vouchers and all as well.”

Most of the crafts are from Ireland, with most of those from the local region, making a perfect Christmas gift option to support locals.

The move from town has gone well so far, with the same great options and service on offer to customers.

“It’s been a very successful move and we’re delighted with ourselves,” says Anne cheerily. “It’s great to have it and people are finding it good as well.”

Open from 10am to 5pm in Murmod, Virginia Framing and Little Craft Room has plenty on offer as we head into the Christmas season. “We’re open but for customers’ convenience if they could contact us beforehand and we’ll make sure we’ll be about.”

Virginia Framing and Little Craft Room can be contacted on 087-6998339.