Independent Cavan County Councillor Brendan Fay.

Cllr welcomes new road safety measures

Representations made by local residents

New traffic calming measures installed on the northern approach road into Belturbet have been welcomed by local Independent County Councillor Brendan Fay.

The investment by Cavan County Council at Kilconny, in a heavily built up area, close to the Sean Lee Drive estate, will be followed by a similar development on the Old Belturbet Road at Erne Hill on the opposite side of town.

"Speed bumps will be placed on approach at the football pitch. It's an important development for the safety of everyone in our town. It's something that has been asked about for sometime, and I myself have made several representations to the road section of Cavan County Council to make sure it happened," explained Cllr Fay.

It is one of several investments currently underway in the erneside town, which in the run up the Christmas has seen the facades of many local businesses and prominent buildings receive a fresh lick of pain after Belturbet was chosen to benefit from the first phase of the newly announced Streetscape Enhancement Initiative.

Belturbet joined Ballyjamesduff and Cootehill in sharing a pot worth €230,000 aimed at supporting local property owners to undertake work such as shop-front improvements, painting, and lighting. Cllr Fay said the streetscape enhancement scheme is an important initiative in order to make our rural towns and villages more vibrant and attractive places to live, work and visit.

"It's a positive thing to see councils working and thinking strategically, in collaboration with local businesses, to add colour and vibrancy to our towns. We got almost €90,000 for that, and the colour scheme in use is exciting." Finally, Cllr Fay is enthusiastic having received word from the council's hierarchy that the tender for procurement in relation to plans to develop amenity facilities for people dock their boats in town has been issued.

He hopes that work on the Willow Avenue development can begin early next year.

The move opens potential to increase tourism in the area.

"Inside the service block you will have recycling facilities, bins, a washer and dryer, and showers. Boaters will be able to access the amenity via a keycard system, but the toilet facility will be available to the public to use. It's an important amenity, so close to the river, and to other popular and well used sites such as the playground as well."