Crowning glory at the Hair Lounge

The Hair Lounge is the one stop salon to give you that cutting edge look this Christmas.

Manager Claire Gerety is delighted to have her salon open to the public, with the highlight of her day meeting her customers and just “having a chat".

“It’s more of a social thing,” Claire explained, saying how people love nothing more than to sit back with a cuppa while she styles their hair.

For Claire, it’s all about making her customers happy.

“There’s something about getting your hair done. If your hair isn’t right, you do feel a bit down,” she empathised.

Claire is grateful to be open for the past six months and counts herself very “lucky” to have such loyal customers.

The hairdresser finds she “always gets a bit busier” when the number of new COVID-19 cases rise.

“I think people start to panic,” she said, explaining that the month of November is not usually busy, however this year is different.

“You’re always a bit weary when numbers start going up again that there is going to be another lockdown.”

The Hair Lounge provides a range of services including highlights, cuts for men and women, blow-dries, colouring, perms and balayage, among others.

The salon is open every day except for Monday and Sunday with “a little variation” in hours to suit people’s needs. They open from 9.30am–5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday; 9.30am–5.30pm on Thursday, 9.30am–7pm on Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday.

Although appointments are preferred, Claire has no problem with walk-in clients.

“If there’s nobody here and I’m not busy, absolutely I’ll take you straight away if I can,” she assured.

When asked about the best aspect of her job Claire immediately said:

“It’s the satisfaction of seeing how people feel when they have their hair done.”

The Hair Lounge can be contacted on 049-4334186, or through their Facebook and Instagram page. Customers are urged to keep their eyes peeled for the salon's annual Christmas raffle to thank them for their support. Claire wished everybody a wonderful Christmas.