30 local educational projects get funding

Funding will be crucial in assisting our elderly and some vulnerable groups

A total of 30 local projects in Cavan and Monaghan will benefit from over €640,000 in funding to tackle educational disadvantage.

The funding will be crucial in assisting our elderly and some vulnerable groups in developing their digital skills and furthering their educational potential.

Minister for Social Protection, local Fine Gael TD Heather Humphreys, announced the groups that will benefit from over €640,000 in funding designed to provide educational opportunities locally across the two counties.

SOLAS issued two open calls for funding requests in July and October of this year.

Some €6.6 million has been approved for ETBs which comprise of 629 funding requests relating to 1,025 initiatives.

The groups set to benefit include:

·         Cavan Monaghan Education and Training Board - €33.290: All CMETB FET learners from PLC, Youthreach, Adult Education Services, and Training Services will receive wellbeing supports.

·         Cavan Traveller Movement - €38,000: Funding to support the Traveller community living in Cavan in accessing antigen tests and resource packs.

·         Teach na Ndaoine - €5,000: This funding will support over 55 year olds living in the Mullaghmatt area in Monaghan in building on their digital skills.

·         Cavan County Local Development - €5,000: Providing to learner supports to lone parents, people with disabilities, new communities, the unemployed, small farmholders, members of the Traveller and Roma community and former prisoners.

·         Youth Work Ireland Cavan-Monaghan - €7,876: This funding will complement the work being undertaken locally by CMETB and Bounceback in supporting the community. It will provide the additional resources to ensure targeted work can be delivered across the community.

·         Clara Development Association, €8.000: This will provide residents of this rural location with a space in the community where they can learn and work.

·         Virginia Men’s Shed  - €10,000: Helping members of this organisation to improve their digital skills.

·         Kilnaleck & District Community Co-Op Society Ltd- €11,826: This funding will provide the resources to support a cohort of females in the community that are significantly disadvantaged through language, literacy, economics and social exclusion.

·         Peacelink, €15,550: This project targets non-nationals, lone parents, young people aged 16 and over and older people who are at risk of social isolation.

·         CAPS- €15,879: Provision of sustainable educational pathways for young people with autism in Cavan.

·         Smithborough Community Development Association - €17,169: This project will provide facilities in Smithborough to allow local people to use the hall to engage in classes provided by CMETB.

·         Foroige - €33,770: Provide support to learners to identify existing barriers and help them to overcome them

·         Monaghan Education Centre & Cavan Autism Parents Support - €78,000: Learners will be supported to develop life skills to prepare them for independent living.

·         Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan - €27,000: Support young people to progress to employment within the hospitality sector, by equipping them with a hospitality training course.

·         CLLD - €49,500: Provide a recognised and inviting educational space in the local community for people to utilise.   Having this dedicated space will ensure a number of barriers will be removed for learners to access programmes.

·         Monaghan Institute and Cavan Institute - €140,000: To provide financial assistance to disadvantaged learners on PLC programmes at Monaghan Institute and Cavan Institute (similar to the Student Assistance Fund at Higher Education) to help with costs such as books and class materials, rent, food, essential travel and ICT costs.

·         Cavan Autism Education and Training Centre (Hub) CLG - €16,196: Improve IT access for learners, Enable learners to become more independent in their learning, Improve facilities for learners with autism.

·         Monaghan Integrated - €21,679: Allow learners to develop a plan for progression in terms of education and employment and enable non-nationals to develop the skills and confidence to engage with education, health and social supports.

·         LINC Society Limited - €15,075: Support non-nationals to progress to employment with a full, comprehensive understanding of rules, regulations and requirements. This will allow them to move into further training courses and employment.

·         Active Virginians Active Retirement Social Inclusion Group - €8,500: This project will give learners the confidence to engage fully with online learning and address the digital divide.

·         Internal Youth Services - €14,225: Funding to make the services more visible to marginalised young people.

·         Blayney Blades - €10,000: This project will allow people address mental health issues and thereby enable them to engage fully in education and training on completion of counselling.

·         Clontibret Development Association - €6,500: This project will allow learners in the area engage in learning using modern technologies.

·         IWA - €1,762: This project will allow the learners to design and develop new art ideas and creations which will broaden the numbers engaging in programmes.

·         Teach Oscail - €28,359: Learners will be supported to develop life skills to prepare them for independent living.

·         ISPCC - €4,200: To support parents to develop competent parenting skills to support their young people.

·         Teach na nDaoine Family Resource Centre - €7,500: This course will encourage participation by young people who are currently removed from education and employment.

·         CAPS - €4,800: Support the personal and social development of young people with special needs.

·         St Salvator’s Church Groups: €1,576: Enhance and develop digital skills of those in the community.

·         Cremartin Gaelic Football Club - €7,500: This project will encourage participation in CMETB programmes in this rural community and to help in addressing the digital divide.

The funding announcement was made by Minister for Higher Education, Simon Harris.

“This funding approved by my colleague, Minister Simon Harris, will benefit thousands of people across Cavan and Monaghan,” said Minister Humphreys, welcoming the announcement.

“It will better position people of all ages in terms of furthering their education and improve their digital skills.

“Most importantly, it will help people to upskill and find new employment opportunities.

“Giving people more opportunities in terms of education is a huge priority of mine as Minister for Social Protection.

“I have no doubt these supports will have untold benefits on the lives of so many people in Cavan and Monaghan.”