Mossy Corr holds the spoils of war.

Outstanding Corr hails win as 'best day' of his football career

Denn’s Tomás Corr was lost for words when asked for his reaction after the game.

“Absolutely brilliant, I can’t believe it. I’m still in utter shock. It’s great.”

Having played in many big games over the years, how did this one rank?

“It’s the best ever. We’re just in shock, the whole lot of us. The amount of work those boys put in, they deserve every bit of it. It’s just unreal. I’m stuck for words, I’m just so delighted.”

Mossy was full of praise for the younger players on the team who covered every blade of grass, including Thomas Edward Donohoe who while still making a major impact, at times sacrificed his own game to bring others into it.

“I think we have lads that are so talented and what we’ve noticed is, you can try to snuff out Ted, you can’t snuff out Cavell, you can’t snuff out James Brady, you can’t snuff out Mark McSherry or Oisin Kiernan. When you’ve got runners, you can’t snuff out everyone.

“It’s something that we kind of got used to and it’s something that Ted has got used to as well, he’s going to be man-marked. He’s not going to get a lot of space but he can free up space for other people.

“He’s just a great lad, there’s more I can say about Ted. You could see it there today, lads stood up to the mark all over the field.”

Having lost the delayed 2020 county final on August 21, Denn have regrouped and are now 11 games unbeaten, with county and provincial titles in the bag.

“I suppose the Templeport game was a wake-up call to us all because we probably did go in a little bit cocky that day and we got the whipping that we deserved and then from that game on, no matter whoever we were playing, we took it 15 minutes at a time and it was no different there today.

“After every 15 minutes, we’d re-assess it. That’s what we have been doing. Even going into the last 15 minutes there, we were four points ahead and we just reset it again and went again for the last quarter, it’s a new game. It just seems to work for us.”

An unfair question, perhaps, but has he ever played a better game?

“Ah I don’t know,” said Corr, “sometimes they fall for you and they just fell for me today I suppose.”