Redemption of a Rogue director Philip Doherty

Redemption hits Netflix in Ireland and UK

Cavan film 'Redemption of a Rogue' is now available to watch on Netflix.

The multi-award winning comedy starring Aaron Monaghan and penned and directed by Philip Doherty was shot in County Cavan.

“We are going to be in Netflix for the Christmas hangover,” joked writer and director Philip Doherty when last he spoke to the Celt.

“Wildcard, our distribution company, have a really good relationship with Netflix. There are a lot of really good Irish films already on the streaming service, we are delighted to be in such esteemed company. It is just a little bit surreal,” the director tells.

The Netflix showing has the potential to bring the Cavan film to a global audience: “The Netflix deal will see it available in Ireland and UK territory, then if it's successful it will get a global market. That's what usually happens. Hopefully it will do well.”

Philip says cinema has, like the rest of the world, had to adapt over the last couple of years: “It's a good time to have a film out on Netflix. People are so used to watching it on that platform at the moment.”

The black comedy is also currently being featured in the prestigious Palm Springs International Film Festival. The festival is one of the largest in North America, welcoming over 135,000 attendees each year for its line-up of international features and documentaries. Film screenings at Palm Springs begin Friday, January 7 with the opening night presentation and concludes with Best of Fest on January 17.

“It's really exciting to be heading to California in January,” Doherty told the Celt ahead of the his west coast adventure.

This is the latest honour the film has achieved since its release: “We have been absolutely blessed. It has done well at festivals across the world. It has been shown at a couple in America already. Out of the blue Palm Springs, one of the foremost festivals in America, got in touch with us and asked us to be part of their World Cinema programme.

“We are amongst a lot of great films from around the world and we are very excited about that. We will be at the screening and holding a Q&A, and hopefully schmoozing with some big wigs,” Philip laughed.

The call up to be part of the festival is very timely as 'Redemption' is set for distribution in the US from February.

“There are some amazing films being premiered at Palm Springs. The exposure it brings is invaluable. It's a brilliant time to have it shown at a festival like Palm Springs. Hopefully it will give it a bit of traction, get some noise around it and that will help when it is being distributed next year in the US.”