Students asked to consider global consequences of local actions

The deadline for entries is Monday, March 7.

Second-level students from across Ireland have been asked to consider the global consequences of local actions, after the EPA launched 'The Story of Your Stuff' competition 2022.

The competition asks students to think about the wider environmental impact of their everyday decisions. It also asks student to research the life cycle and environmental impact of an everyday item - such as their toothbrush - or everyday activity - such as eating their lunch, and to present their findings in a creative way.

Now it its sixth year, 'The Story of Your Stuff ' focuses on sustainability, waste management, climate action and environmental protection, the competition by asking young people to think, talk and make small changes that can have far-reaching impacts.

Entrants can tell the environmental story of their ‘stuff’ through a creative medium of their choice (including video, animation, infographics, photography, etc.).

They then stand a chance to win €500 for themselves and €500 for their school.

There is also a special ‘climate topic prize’ as well as a prize for the best Irish language entry.

Competition guidelines and tips are available at

The deadline for entries is Monday, March 7.