Fermanagh Powerboat racer takes World Cup

Driver and mechanic overcome near disaster to secure prestegious win.

Gifted Powerboat Racer Will Chamber from Lisnaskea scooped the prestigious HR-850 World Cup in Spain recently.

Chambers, accompanied by chief mechanic William Seaman from Letterbreen, took on the fastest formula 4 boats in this Class at the renowned fresh water circuit in Arcus Ee La Frontera near Cadiz.

A very respected driver on the international circuit, Chambers is the most successful driver ever to represent Ireland, having dominated the V Hull Class and defended his championship status throughout Ireland, England and Wales.

He changed to the faster Formula 4 Catamaran class in 2000 which brought him onto the European circuit and since then has dominated the class in Ireland and throughout Europe.

Will Chambers accompanied by chief mechanic William Seaman from Letterbreen took on the fastest formula 4 boats in this Class at the renowned fresh water circuit in Arcus Ee La Frontera near Cadiz recently.

The Wiley Fermanagh driver has over the years honed his driving skills on the changeable waters of Lough Erne. It has meant that ability to read the water and judge changing currents is envied by many.

Chambers has raced on a litany of circuits in Europe from Spain to Portugal to Hungry, France and claimed titles in most.

Covid had put paid to many races in 2020, but the relaxation of rules this year opened a number of circuits and the opportunity was not going to be missed.

Chambers liaised with his friend and gifted mechanic Seaman and so began the journey to Spain.

A few medicals later and a few engine builds just to be on the safe side all was set for the Ulster driver to head off by Ferry and road all the way to Spain.

The two day event was taken up with official and unofficial practice.

Chambers settled in quickly, but on the last official practice session disaster struck when his catamaran was holed by a piece of debris in the water.

His boat sank before the rescue team managed to retrieve it and Chambers and Seaman had their hands full to repair the damaged hull and dry out the engine which was submerged for about 40 minutes.

Chambers praised the other drivers and their crews for lending valuable assistance at their time of need.

While the hull took longer to repair than the engineer, all was ready for action on race day with Chambers placed at the back of the grid.

But 'Lady Luck' shon on Chambers as he stayed wide on the circuit in the less turbulent water and gained third place within a few laps.

He maintained this high position until the checkered flag and put himself in perfect position for the second heat.

A quick thinking Chambers launched to a flying start and took first place before the first marker, and held this position to the end of the heat.

With first position on the grid secured for the final heat Chambers displayed a masterly piece of driving and held on thus claiming the coveted HR-850 World Trophy.

Chambers paid tribute to his friends and to Derryadd Boat Club for all their support over the years, and especially his racing rival, the late Norman Hutchinson who he says was such an example to all in the racing division.