Call for review of disabled parking spaces

A local TD has also called for an increase in fines for those improperly using them.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Disability and Carers and local TD Pauline Tully is calling for a review of the parking facilities for disabled people provided by each local authority.

She’s also called for a review of the penalties for illegally parking in a disabled parking bay.

The Cavan-Monaghan TD says the availability of disabled parking spots across the country “remains an ongoing issue”, particularly in rural areas.

“Although there have been some improvements in the past few years, I regularly get contacted by disabled people, either directly or through my Sinn Féin colleagues, about the lack of parking spaces for disabled people and the misuse of these parking spaces”, she said.

“I also receive complaints about the insufficient number of parking spaces available for disabled people, inappropriately located parking spaces and that many of the existing parking bays are hard to identify as they are badly in need of refurbishment.”

She says she has written to Minister Darragh O’Brien to urge him to set up a review in all local authorities in the country to look at whether or not there are enough of the spaces to meet needs.

She also wants the review to examine the location of them and if they are in a good state of repair.

She’s also written to the Justice Minister.

“I have also written to the Minister for Justice Helen McEntee to recommend that the penalties that currently exist for parking illegally in a disabled parking space are reviewed and strengthened.

“Accessible parking is essential for disabled people to live fully independent lives; it is important that there is a sufficient allocation of these spaces, that they are maintained properly and that there are adequate penalties in place for the abuse of these facilities.”