Eir denies claims wire shortage delayed landline repairs in west Cavan

OpenEir, the infrastructure arm of company Eir, branded a “disgrace” by Cavan Councillor.

Eir has rejected criticism from a Cavan councillor who branded the company “a disgrace” at the January meeting of the county council.

Fianna Fáil’s John Paul Feeley raised issues at the meeting related to delays in repairing landlines following a recent storm.

He said his landline had been damaged and he had flagged the issue with OpenEir, the company responsible for the upkeep of the telecommunications infrastructure.

However, he said he was told the repair was not possible at the moment as “there is no wire in stock”.

He branded OpenEir, the infrastructure arm of company Eir, a “disgrace”.

However, following a query from this paper, OpenEir has rejected the claims. In a statement it says it spoke with its teams to determine the situation. It says it “was caused due to a fault on the line and a pole needed to be replaced”.

It says the necessary repairs have been carried out and service has been restored.

“There was no shortage of wire or materials,” it ends.