Four decades of St Brigid's crosses

She's been making the crosses since 1983.

Almost four decades of making St Brigid's crosses continues for Kildallan woman Patricia Cooney as she's hard at work making this year's batch for locals.

Starting in 1983, she's made the crosses religiously every year since, with money raised going to the charity Sightsavers.

Distributed to shops and churches across west Cavan and further afield with help from family, friends and neighbours, thousands is raised annually.

Even last year at the height of the Covid lockdown and with churches and many shops closed, €2,500 was raised.

What might seem like a lot of effort to anyone else is worth it in Patricia's eyes.

“I feel guilty watching the television. When you see those poor wee divils that have nothing. And they’re depending on a few pence to save their sight.

“When you think of what’s going on. In Ukraine now there are little babies and children who are dying of cold and starvation. It’d break your heart. It would really break your heart, it’s awful. I wish we had a magic touch so that everything would go and be alright."

Read more about Patricia's fundraising in next week's Celt, in shops Wednesday.