Aldi 'remains committed' to Monaghan town plans

It announced it wouldn't progress with the new supermarket last autumn.

Aldi says it's committed to its plans for a new supermarket in Monaghan town.

A dispute between the retailer and Monaghan County Council led to Aldi announcing it would not progress with the plans last September.

It had been granted planning permission for a site at the junction of the Clones Road and Cootehill Road, known as McNally's carpark. However, issues with flood management and a breakdown of talks between Aldi and the Council led to it dropping the plans.

Discussions had been taking place related to the installation of a culvert to relieve flooding in the area.

However, it said last September that it remained committed to Monaghan and would progress with a new supermarket at a different site if one became available.

The carpark was being leased back to the Council for use by the public but this agreement too was discontinued, leading to it being closed.

New fencing and boards around the carpark have been erected around the site in recent weeks.

When this was queried by The Anglo-Celt, specifically if this was the start of construction work at the site, represenatives of Aldi simply said:

“We are committed to opening our new store on the McNally’s car park site and we will continue to work to reach agreement with Monaghan County Council.”

Aldi was last week granted planning permission for a new supermarket in Cootehill. It says it expects it to be open by the middle of next year.