Inspector Gordon Englishby addresses the media following the botched ATM raid in Virginia and the manhunt that ensued. Insp Englishby and his team of investigating gardaí were praised this week for their efforts.

Police chief commends role of local gardaí in probe

The conclusion of a Special Criminal Court case involving a cross border gang that targeted ATMs was addressed by Chief Superintendent Alan McGovern at the Cavan Joint Policing meeting held online last Friday.

He commended colleagues on their efforts in bringing the perpetrators to justice: “Today at the Special Criminal Court three people were sentenced for their role in an attempted ATM theft in Virginia in August 2019. I want to commend Superintendent Gordon Englishby who was at the Special Criminal Court with his team.

“This operation dismantled an organised crime gang causing devastation in rural communities on both sides of the border. The damage really had an impact on citizens just trying to go about their day-to-day business, but also on the business community through the structural damage that this type of crime causes. I want to thank members of the public for their patience during the operation in Virginia, which led to road closures; also for their support through the investigative period, it does take time.”

The Chief Super sounded a warning shot to other criminals: “People thinking of engaging in this type of criminal behaviour need to think about the devastation they bring to their whole community, but also the distress to their own family when they are caught. Finally I want to thank the investigation team for their professionalism and diligence and acknowledge the support of regional and national units.”

Chair of the JPC, Cllr John Paul Feeley said: “It’s always great when matters are brought up here after they have been dealt with in the courts. The impact this had on every businesses because of the insurance loading as a result of the campaign of destruction that gang were involved in was immeasurable. The fact that members of the gang will be spending some time behind bars is something we can all be happy about.”


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