Dr Colm Noctor.

Online workshop on teen mental health

Following the ‘Difficult Conversations’ webinar held last week with guest speaker Dr Colman Noctor, Innovation Recovery College have organised a follow up workshop for parents.

‘Having Difficult Conversations with your Teenager’ will take place on zoom on Wednesday, March 9, at 7.30pm.

Last week’s webinar was facilitated by Cavan County Council and SOSAD Cavan as an online discussion focusing on teen mental well-being.

This week’s workshop also takes place online.

Child and adolescent psychotherapist Dr Noctor is the host of ‘Asking for Parents’ podcast and the head of a research team from University College Dublin and Pieta who is working on a project funded by the Irish National Office of Suicide Prevention.

The aim of the online workshop is to empower parents to support teenagers experience challenges to their mental health.

This is an interactive workshop facilitated by peer educators and health care professionals to support families dealing with difficult conversations on mental health and wellbeing. To register contact: 087 409 8630 or email: innovation.recoverysouth@hse.ie