Keith Rutherford of Topline Tractormotors

Gardeners’ haven

Topline Tractamotors is looking forward to a “slightly different” summer ahead compared to the pandemic hit holiday season of recent years.

“There was a serious shortage of seasonal furniture, barbecues and anything to do with gardening,” recalls store manager Keith Rutherford of 2020.

“And there was a huge demand because people knew they were going nowhere - their garden was going to become their holiday.”

The appetite for gardening and summer stock continued into 2021 with Tractamotors again reporting huge demand from January to March, but supply was easier to obtain.

After two consecutive seasons of bumper demand, it’s anticipated that 2022 will revert to pre-Covid levels. Also, Keith notes that with all retailers having fully reopened, and holidays abroad once again an option, it’s likely that the sector is facing into a trickier season.

The Lavey man predicts this summer will be “challenging, but interesting”.

Rising to the challenge, Topline Tractamotors have stocked up on their must-have garden selection, and marked their prices as competitively as possible.

A keen gardener, Keith knows what he’s talking about when it comes to planting.

Continued interest in ‘growing your own’ has seen demand remain strong for their range of durable gardening tools and equipment. “Many people who previously never took too much pride in their garden, other than they cut the grass or put out a few plants, their interest has evolved,” he says, noting Tractamotors is typically welcoming in more knowledgeable customers.

“People are coming in looking for certain products for particular jobs. For example, if they wanted a seed, weed and moss killer, they are asking for a particular brand because they have put in the time to research their options,” he observes.

Reflective of the hope that the final frost has passed, Keith reports shop’s bedding plant range is selling really well. He explains the attention has turned to the likes of onion sets, strawberries, rhubarb plants, seed potatoes and herbs. For Keith, the secret to achieving a glorious garden can be summed up in one word: “Preparation. As soon as the weather turns milder in early March, the gardeners are out feeding, weeding and getting their lawn ready.”

To ensure that ongoing work progresses smoothly, they have an in-store technician who is available to service ride-on lawnmowers, strimmers and sharpen shears. The Topline Tractamotors garden range is much too extensive to even scrape the surface of here, and is best explored in-store guided by their friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.