Edward Reilly died tragically in the Netherlands in February.

Quiz to remember a departed friend

The heartbreak of a parent’s loss is just under the surface of Martin Reilly’s demeanour. He holds a flier for the table quiz to raise funds for the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust.

The event is organised by friends of his son, Edward Reilly. Edward was reported missing in the Netherlands at the end of February. He was out with friends, but left the bar in which they were socialising just after midnight.

The Dutch police launched a missing person’s investigation and published photos of Edward on social media. His sister, Pauline, travelled to the Netherlands to help in the search.

At the start of March rescue service discovered Edward’s body water between Almere and Amsterdam. Edward was working and living in the country for just over four years.

The support from the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust made that heart rending journey a little less traumatic.

“The Kevin Bell Repatriation trust brought him home, dealing with all the paperwork and logistics,” Martin told the Celt.

The trust was founded by the parents of Newry man Kevin Bell, who died in New York. Since then, they have raised money to help other families who find themselves in the same tragic situation.

The 26-year-old dancing champion and talented Gaelic player died in a hit-and-run accident in New York. His family and the community established the Trust to create a lasting legacy in his memory.

Operating on a 32-county basis, the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust now helps other families bring their loved ones’ bodies home. It can cost families over €5,000 to bring a body home from another country. The financial assistance is offered in circumstances of sudden or tragic death.

Edward was the beloved son of Martin and his wife Bernadette. His siblings Aiden, Michelle, Pauline and Lisa are all devastated by the loss of their brother.

“It was a bad stormy night. He was out with some of his friends from work. He worked for Mitsubishi. He went to the bus stop, but the buses were cancelled because of the storm,” Martin tells.

The investigation indicates Edward’s death was accidental as he fell into the canal. It’s had a profound impact on the family.

The assistance of the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust started when Pauline travelled out to Holland to participate in the search: “They took care of everything,” Martin explained. “We would have been lost without them.”

The timing of the fundraiser has a significance: “He is 40 on the 28 of this month,” Martin says. The family were stunned by the support they received following Edward’s passing: “I never knew he had so many mates. There were 50 from the area going to go out and help in the search,” the heartbroken father says of his son’s friends.

A team of 80 from Veteranen Search Team travelled from all across The Netherlands to search for our Edward when he was missing. Edward’s sisters organised a fundraise to say thanks to them donating €5,000 to the voluntary group of Dutch ex-servicemen.


The table quiz on Saturday, May 21 was chosen as a fundraiser because of Edward’s love of quizzes. It will take place in the Piker’s Lodge, Gowna, at 8:30pm. €10 per person.

For anyone who cannot make the quiz or would like to make an additional contribution they can donate at: www.idonate.ie/EdwardReillyMemorial