Spotted in New York... is this the best car reg ever?

Photo was shared to the Facebook group 'Cavan Old Irish Photos'.

Cavan folk are a proud bunch, whether living here in Ireland or far abroad. Many wear their county colours with pride, some however go a step further.

This photo was shared to the Facebook group 'Cavan Old Irish Photos' by Ronan Smith who said: 'Not old, but spotted in New York by my Son-in-Law this morning'.

As you'd imagine, the photo set chins wagging, with plenty of reaction including from Bernadette Rudden who posted her own photo.

'Lots of proud Cavan folks in NY. I’m one of them!' she said.

Another from Niall Harwood stated: 'Cavan people everywhere!!'.

Marian Kerley shared hers too.

Brilliant effort folks. Keep the flag flying!