Cllr Carmel Brady (FG) launches her campaign to keep Cootehill’s streets free of dog poo.

New anti-dog fouling signs for Cootehill

People in Cootehill are to be greeted with some new signage in the coming weeks urging them to clean up after their dogs.

The scourge of dog poo is no stranger to the streets of most of Cavan’s towns and villages but it’s hoped the new signs will help encourage people to change their ways.

Similar signs in other parts of the country prompted local councillor Carmel Brady to bring the idea to the Cootehill area.

“We got the drawings off the artist and got the signs made up. We’ll have them across the town in the next while. The local engineer has given permission for them to go in certain places,” she said.

“People spend a fortune on leads and coats and things for the dog but they won’t spend any on poo bags to bring with them.”

The need for increased litter patrols and a focus on dog fouling is frequently raised at meetings of the county council. Concerns over wheelchair and buggy users wheeling through dog waste or children falling or touching it prompt calls for action.

Unfortunately, the message does not seem to be getting through to many dog owners.

“I came across a young couple. They took their dog out of the car at Erica’s Fairy Forest. The poor wee thing was only out a couple of minutes and it had pooped. They walked away.

“I said ‘excuse me, your dog did a little poop’ and your man said ‘and so what?’ and they laughed.”