Cavan artists sets herself 18 day painting challenge

Michelle Harton is now entering Day 3 of her 'Mystical Lands Project'.

Cavan artist Michelle Harton has set herself a new and unique challenge to paint and release one new painting over a period of three weeks.

Creating a series of magical, mystical landscape paintings dreamed up from her latest creative oeuvre, 'The Land Of Gemini', Michelle started the challenge this week.

This latest creative initiative follows on from her previous 'Mystery Art Sale' and 'The STOP Painting Project', the latter of which occurred during lockdown.

Each of the paintings can be pre-ordered for a discounted price.

But there is a catch! Buyers won't know which painting they'll get until they pick one out from Michelle's Instagram or Facebook posts!

“Each painting will be entirely unique in my usual style and the fun starts when you join in by commenting “MINE!” on the piece you want on my Instagram or Facebook page. You’ll have to decide quickly because someone else may claim it first!”

Each of Michelle's paintings will be 7″x 5″ newly created original acrylic paintings on paper and presented in 10″ x 8″ white fade resistant mounts.

“I’ll post daily, but at different times to keep you on your toes! Turn on Instagram and Facebook post notifications so you don’t miss your favourite piece. There will only be 18 paintings in total so you can only call "MINE!” on a painting if you have already pre-purchased,” says Michelle.

Michelle's first painting in the 'Mystical Lands Project' (Monday) was titled 'Transcendence', and this was followed on Day 2 (Tuesday) by 'Forest Glow'.

She said of her latest project: “I always feel nervous and excited to launch an intensive project like this, so many things go through my head; Will anyone join in? Will people like the work? Will I be able to complete all the paintings? Will there be tumble weed blowing across my social media pages with the sound of crickets in the background?

“With all these worries I know from my previous projects that even if I don't sell anything, what I learn creativity and the acceleration that my art skills take, definitely makes it worth all the effort.”