Community 'devastated' by damage to Erica's Fairy Forest

Damage has been reported at Cootehill’s Halton’s Amenity Park for the second time in as many years.

The community of Cootehill have expressed dismay at damage done to a crafted wooden deer, part of the unique experience at Erica’s Fairy Forest.

“It’s with a very heavy heart we have to post these photos,” said a post on the Erica’s Fairy Forest social media page, who went on to state that the damage was done “with a lot of strength and brut force”.

The page adds: “A lot of time money and kindness from people donating to the forest goes into pieces like this let alone the craftsmanship into making dancer, a very popular attraction in the forest.”

It is not the first time that damage has been reported at Cootehill’s Halton’s Amenity Park.

In May 2020, as the country began coping with lockdown, six pathway lights close to the the award-winning Erica’s Fairy Forest were damaged.

Erica’s Fairy Forest was built in dedication to the memory of Erica Ní Draighneain who passed away age five years following illness.

During Erica’s challenge of childhood cancer, the local community in Cootehill helped fundraise to support her family, and the forest additionally serves as a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from them to the community.

The upkeep of the Fairy Forest is managed by a local committee, working closely with Cootehill Area Development.