Delays at local hospital continue

Cavan General Hospital is warning of "prolonged waiting times" in the Emergency Department this week as it continues to experience "high levels of activity".

For the second time this week, hospital management are appealing to the region’s GPs to explore alternative treatment options. They say patient referrals to the local Emergency Department should only "be explored as a priority".

"All patients should be advised of significant delays and limited bed capacity at present," said hospital management in a memo issued to doctors and the media today (Thursday) and also on Monday of this week.

A spokesperson for the hospital said today: "Please be advised that there are high numbers of patient presentations to the Emergency Department."

They are urging doctors to explore "alternatives" to an Emergency Department referral.

The spokesperson is also advising members of the public: "Please note that the Minor Injuries Unit at Monaghan Hospital is open from 9am to 5pm. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter."