The Fureys will be coming to Cavan on Saturday September 24 as part of their tour.

The Fureys hit Cavan

The Fureys are making their long awaited return to the Breffni County this month for what is expected to be an incredible show in Cavan Town.

The event, which is taking place in Cavan Town Hall on Saturday, September 24 is set to have crowds singing and dancing to top classics such as I Will Love You, When You Were Sweet 16, Red Rose Café and The Old Man.

The Fuerys are long established one of Ireland’s all-time most acclaimed and influential middle of the road, folk and traditional bands. Their songs have become the soundtrack to the lives of fans all over the world.

Band manager, Joe McCadden, laments that the crew are well accustomed to the Cavan audience having performed in the county numerous times before.

“They have performed in the Ramor Theatre twelve times between 2001 and 2020.”

“They mostly perform in theatres. They prefer those to hotels because they’re more intimate. There’s no drinks in the theatre so everyone who goes is there just to listen to them. You could hear a pin drop and they interact well with the audience.”

The Cavan show is part of their first tour following the unexpected Covid-19 hiatus.

“They’re doing 108 concerts between now and May. In the eight month period they will be doing 42 in Ireland, 15 on the continent and 51 in the UK”, continued Joe.

The Fureys indelible musical footprint is rivalled only by their vast collection of personal stories of their musical experiences and friendships, gathered by Eddie (77) and George Furey (71), along an amazing 44-year journey which shows no signs of reaching a final destination.

The band are particularly famous for a song they covered called The Green Fields of France, which depicts the death of Willy MacBride, a 19 year old soldier who lost his life while fighting in World War One.