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Almost €100K to help fight against biodiversity collapse locally

A total of €95,800 has been allocated through the Local Biodiversity Action Fund (LBAF) to Counties Cavan and Monaghan.

Cavan benefited from €48,000 across five projects; while Monaghan's €47,800 is more targeted, shared across just three projects, with work on progressing its wetland survey accounting for €25,000 alone.

Since it was launched in 2018, a total of almost €4m has been granted to local authorities through the LBAF to carry out projects in support of the National Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2021 (NBAP).

Welcoming this funding, Deputy Niamh Smyth said, "I know that communities are at the heart of biodiversity action and that’s why I’m so thrilled to see this funding announced for projects across the constituency today.

"The successful projects are all contributing to the implementation of the National Biodiversity Action Plan (NBAP) and helping to advance our shared vision for nature."

The largest single grant in County Cavan amounts to €15,100. This is to fund engagement with communities throughout the county to raise awareness of biodiversity. Programmes will involve people of all ages with projects to include preparation of local biodiversity plans; and continuation of the successful pollinator friendly towns and villages; vegetation management within historic graveyards; and creative response to biodiversity through art and poetry culminating in an exhibition; and also targeting Invasive Species through community programmes.

Some €10,200 has been allocated to 'Cavan Biodiversity Awareness & Education' aims to connect communities with their neighbouring farms "in a supportive way" to build an understanding of the role of local land-use and biodiversity for sustainable communities.

A further €10,200 has been set aside for an IAS feasibility study to consider the practicality of managing Nuttall Waterweed on a county-wide basis.

Another €8,500 will fund work to build on a field survey of wetlands in County Cavan undertaken in 2021 as part of phase 1 of this project.

Finally, the smallest sum has been allocated for the project which might have the furthest reaching impact - €4,000 to promote and progress new biodiversity plan for Cavan which was drawn up in 2021. A key component is the "establishment of a Biodiversity Steering Group to oversee implementation of the plan". The announcement today specifies "funding will allow for a facilitator to work with group to establish vision, aims and terms of reference".