Neil Moynihan, Brian McCarey, Anna Kozlowska, Evelyn Manser, Mary Scorr and Grainne Donohoe.

A perfect fit at E & M Stores

Post-pandemic, and the wedding scene is back stronger than ever before. Following seemingly endless postponements – with some couples now waiting two years or more to tie the knot - there has been a big boost for businesses such as Cootehill’s E & M Stores.

Established in 1969, the family-run business has grown and developed into one of the finest country department stores in Ireland, and among the first names mentioned when genial gents want to avoid a headache navigating the intricacies of a wedding dress code.

It is, for many stores like E & M, the first full wedding season to occur since all restrictions were lifted, and director and manager Brian McCarey says there has been “a big boost in business” with couples more eager than ever to exchange nuptials after such an enforced wait.

“There is a sense of certainty around for people planning weddings and it's great to see the normal process is back, where people can sit back and really enjoy the occasion without the worry that was.”

For some, the suit they purchased in 2019, either as groom or guest, timeless though it may be, can often lose some of its lustre when pitched against more modern trends. There are also then the great many who took up new and extraneous fitness regimes during lockdown, or perhaps put on a few lockdown pounds.

“The suit has either outgrown them, or they’ve outgrown the suit,” chuckles Brian.

There are few things finer in life than getting a suit perfectly fitted, not just to your individual style, but body shape as well.

For that, E & M offer a personal shopping service, suggesting fits and styles, and also have an in-store alteration service meaning “any changes that are needed can be done as you wait".

Brian adds: "The most important part of a suit is the fitting. Fitting is what makes or breaks an outfit. If it fits wrong, it will always look wrong and you won’t feel good wearing it. Fit is paramount.”

For Brian, speaking of “the now”, the best wedding suits for men is a failsafe tuxedo alternative, very much en vogue at the present time, and comes with several new modern twists.

Gone is the tired and traditional trouser grosgrain, and very much “in” are velvet tux jackets in a variety of colours with a contrasting satin-faced lapel.

“It’s gone back to the formal end of things, with tuxes. The new twist is the velvet tux jacket, bringing it into the new age. A wedding is a big moment in everyone’s life, and particularly with photos, these are images you’ll have and look back on and you want to look your best. A good fitting suit will always be timeless, and look smart in 10 and even 20 years' time.”