‘Bitter sweet’ €2.7M payout for victim of horrific crash

The family of a young Cavanman, who acquired a brain injury as a result of a horrific car crash in 2016, have described a €2.7M settlement awarded to him as “bitter sweet”.

The settlement was reached on behalf of Joshua Nevin (24) in the High Court last Friday.

Josh’s family are relieved the court case, which loomed large for so long, is over, but feel the money cannot replace what their son has lost.

“We’re glad it’s over. No parent ever wants to be in the position that we’ve been in,” said his mother Sonya. “What we would prefer is if Josh was in the whole of his health and we didn’t have to do what we’ve done for the last six and a half years,” she told the Celt.

Josh was only 17 when the car, in which he was a front seat passenger, was involved in a serious car crash outside Munterconnaught GAA grounds in 2016.

The young Maghera man was left fighting for his life for many months in hospital in Dublin.

“The accident was hugely traumatic for all of our family - Josh’s brothers, his extended family, it was horrific. Even before you come out the other side, it starts to dawn on you that things are not going to be the same as they were and that Josh is going to need help,” continued Sonya.

“At the time we didn’t know exactly what kind of care he was going to need. He’s been through so much. You have to start on that journey and it’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” she added.

The funds allocated to the young man offer the family some financial security and peace of mind to meet Josh’s needs into the future.

“These funds have to last Josh the whole of his natural life. For him, it means that he can get on with his life as much as he can,” said Sonya.

An acquired brain injury presents significant challenges but the Nevin family are relieved they no longer need to worry about the cost of meeting Josh’s needs.

“That’s every parent’s worry when you have a child who has challenges. Even though Josh is an adult with significant challenges, he’ll be looked after and, even if we’re not around in the future, his future care givers won’t have to worry about money for whatever Josh needs, please God,” said Sonya.

While the court case provided positive news for Josh, his parents Sonya and Liam are left with many unanswered questions.

“Josh is 24 years old, he was 17 when the accident happened, it was an awful time for anything like that to happen. But all his pals went on, they went to college, they went to the four corners of the earth and have spread out,” said his mum, lamenting the opportunities lost for her son.

However the family’s focus is now firmly on Josh, and helping him live the best life he can.

“We’re just really glad it’s over and we as a family can move on. It’s an awful thing to be holding over us but it means that Josh will be looked after no matter what and that’s our primary purpose, making sure he’s okay.”


€2.7M settlement for young car crash victim