Second local turkey flock struck down by bird flu

Exclusion zone extended to help protect sector

Test results have identified evidence of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) H5N1 in samples from a second turkey flock in Co. Monaghan.

The Department of Agriculture has enforced "a slight extension" to the existing Avian Influenza restriction zones in light of the confirmation.

Movements of poultry and poultry products within and through the zones is only permitted under licence from DAFM.

Current regulations demand all flock keepers to confine all their poultry and captive birds in a secure building, and to apply particular bio-security measures.

Poultry flock owners are advised to remain vigilant for any signs of disease in their flocks and report any disease suspicion to their nearest Department Regional Veterinary Office.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has confirmed that although the H5N1 subtype can cause serious disease in poultry and other birds, the risk to humans is very low.