Magical experience for Mason

A woman from Virginia has spoken about how proud she is of her son who appeared on the Late Late Toy Show last week, writes Michael Keaveny.

Olivia Soden’s son Mason (10) made an appearance on the famous show, but it wasn’t straight forward procedure to get on to it.

“Mason had covid around the time of his birthday”, Olivia explains. “So I made a video of him talking about his birthday presents for his grandparents. When the applications for the Toy Show opened up, I sent the video in but didn’t tell Mason.

Mason with his granddad and Ryan Tubridy at RTE studios.

“We got a call a few weeks later asking him to come up for an interview and this was a big shock for him. He had to talk in front of a panel of six people. Then we got word of him getting through we were very proud of him.”

Mason got a great send-off on Friday from his school friends in St Mary’s NS before going on the show. “The whole school lined up and gave him a big round of applause,” says Olivia.

“On the show itself, he spoke about a Lego Titanic set and he got Late Late Toy show pyjamas and slippers afterward. He had a great time. Then on Sunday, we had all his friends and cousins over for a party to watch the replays,” she adds of the excitement.

Mason was asked about the roads of Virginia by Toy Show host Ryan Tubridy. “They’re ripping up the footpaths and putting down new ones, they look good at the start until the leaves come and they get all stained. They’re digging up the road and changing all around, it’s a bit annoying.”

He also showed off a Titanic Lego Ship and a cardboard replica he made himself. Ryan commended Mason for his knowledge of history and said “to me, you’re the king of Cavan, and a king should be treated appropriately” before presenting Mason with a cape, a crown, staff, and other royal attire.

Crosserlough’s Lucas O’Reilly also made an appearance on the show, on an electric New Holland tractor.