Mark McCaughey and driver Patrick Maguire at McCaughey Fuels wishing all our customers a very Happy Christmas.

McCaughey fuels warming houses

McCaughey Fuels is a local, family run business that has been servicing both the Cavan and Monaghan areas with quality fuel for over 12 years.

Mark McCaughey, owner/manager, said that while market, prices and regulations have changed over the past decade, one thing has remained constant - “our reliability and focus on our customers’ needs and satisfaction. Our core aim is to provide you with the best quality heating oil at the right price.”

He finds that rising prices have led to people buying smaller quantities of fuel, rather than filling their tanks. “People are more cautious regarding their oil usage and now think twice before turning on the heating. Some people are also reverting back to solid fuels a bit more, but they too have got very expensive,” Mark finds.

To help spread the cost, McCaughey Fuels offers an Easy Online Savings Plan for customers through their website

In terms of future trends, Mark is looking forward to the introduction of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) a high-quality diesel replacement fuel made from renewable, sustainable raw materials – all of which do not release any new CO2 into the atmosphere. HVO can be used as a direct replacement for diesel without any need for vehicle or engine modifications.

“We would hope that over time this would become an affordable ‘Green’ alternative to heating our homes,” he says.

Mark praises his dedicated staff and thanks his customers for their continued support and wishes them a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.